Lymphedema treatment unit

Lymphedema is a chronic disease, result in pathological accumulation of protein rich fluids accompanied by many other complications.
Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the most successful treatment of such complicated scenario.
At RAPHAEL LYMPHEDEMA TREATMENT UNIT we offer you CDT with certified lymphedema therapist in professional, efficient and effective way.

PhysioTherapy & Manual Therapy

The human body is God's master piece of art! at RAPHAEL physiotherapy clinic we master the science and the art of rehabilitation, we will offer you a fine edge manual therapy aiming to regain the perfection of God's biomechanics that you were designed on.
Proper therapy is just not pain oriented... this is againest our values, we belive that every pain or disabilty has a cause and pain is only the voice of misalignment, we follow that odd voice and solve it from the roots!

Diet Counseling & Sliming

"I" is the only difference between "FIT & FAT" we can guide you to have a healthy diet system, build on scientific and "realistic" concept to control your body weight in an healthy comfortable way.
Special care to the diabetic, pediatric and post cancer therapies clients.
Beside the diet counceling services, we offer you a unique regional slimming services using the best equipment in conjugation with Manual Lymph Drainage to boost drainage of lypolysed fates.