your are GOD'S perfect piece of art

The story of our body

How do we see our clients? We believe that human body is God's perfect piece of art, so we respect that piece of art, studied how it works and what effect it.
At Raphael clinics we are specialized in three branches:

1- The lymphedema therapy using Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)
2- Physiotherapy for orthopedic... we offer you mechanical correction therapy targeting bones & ligaments "static stability" and muscles endurance & strength "dynamic stability" So we are not dealing with the pain or covering it! we treat the cause and tech you how keep your body safe and healthy.
3- Diet counseling to ensure balanced and accurate diet, also we offer local slimming services for resisting areas boosting this service with our unique knowledge about the lymphatic system and the Manuel Lymph Drainage "MLD "

At Raphael clinics session time is 60 min in average, we give your body and pains all the attention, effort and time needed to restore function again, we listen carefully to your complain and work with evidence based therapy after accurate assessment.